Exploring Energy

Yoga for the Mind: Everything is Energy

Exploring Energy – Week 1

‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.’ says Darryl Anka (Bashar). In our ‘Yoga for the mind’ opening sequence this week we will make a start to explore energy: Everything is energy & energy is everything!… Deborah King adds: Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases its momentum.

Yoga for the Mind: Where attention goes, energy flows

Exploring Energy – Week 2

It seems to come as a surprise at first sight, but it is just the natural consequence of what your attention has made a priority or favours to focus on at present. So if we utilize this law of attraction deliberately and change our world of thoughts, feelings, words, attention, and action deliberately we become a magnet for the flow of energy matching these…

Yoga for the Mind: Create yourself, and find yourself

Exploring Energy – Week 3

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.’ said George Bernard Shaw. Ultimately – when you create yourself you will also find yourself – that’s really good news, isn’t it? Just trying to find yourself might be a fruitless search in comparison, because the action part of creating is missing…

Yoga for the Mind: Energy is contagious

Exploring Energy – Week 4

Do you like being influenced or are you an influencer? Whatever this means for you, you probably can easily relate – with some situation popping into your mind – either being on the receiving end of affection or infection OR being the one who spreads affection or infection… positive, negative?

Yoga for the Mind: Change the way you look at things

Exploring Energy – Week 5

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”, said Wayne Dyer. Sometimes it can feel puzzling when we hear this – “Change the way you look at things” – because we are often so convinced that the way we see something is the ‘right’ way, or at least for us personally it sometimes seems to be the one and only way.

Yoga for the Mind: Passion is Energy

Exploring Energy – Week 6

“Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you,” says Oprah Winfrey. Believe in yourself! Reassure yourself that you fully believe in yourself and promise yourself to follow your heart, your passion, BEFORE you listen to feedback, and grant others a chance to have a say along the way. It will make all the difference for not making ourselves dependent on the opinion of others – while staying open for what they have to say.

Yoga for the Mind: Just pay attention

Exploring Energy – Week 7

“Just pay attention to your breath, anything you wish can happen,” says Sadhguru. It is so easy: With paying attention to our breath we can take control of our mind and body, our emotions, our energy levels – with being in control of our breath, we are de facto in control of our whole life.

Yoga for the Mind: Today I will shine

Exploring Energy – Week 8

We commonly use the term “You are glowing” when we notice a certain shine about someone – or we say “he/she was radiant” for example at a wedding or another special occasion. How about not needing a special occasion to shine? What makes it difficult to shine in everyday life?

Yoga for the Mind: Energy which nourishes

Exploring Energy – Week 9

If it all feels pleasant, it probably is all good and we can just bathe in the nourishing effects. If it’s not pleasant for whatever reasons and causes irritation or confusion or worse, we can start taking steps to transform what we found. To do so can be very powerful and elating and can create a shift from victim mode into empowerment every time we take charge to do so.

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