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Yoga for the Mind: I am grounded, I am centered

Feeling Centered – Week 1

What happens when you feel centered? It is the opposite of feeling frazzled or scattered. Feeling centered means you are in touch with yourself, you are grounded, stable, and strong. This makes us feel safe as well. With good grounding, we can protect ourselves…

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Yoga for the Mind: Give yourself permission…

Feeling Centered – Week 2

Who do you usually ask for permission? Why can it be so difficult to stop and smell the roses – or whatever it is that would offer a refreshingly beautiful scent of life to you? Where does this feeling come from that we need to rush through our day?

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Yoga for the Mind: A Seed grows…

Feeling Centered – Week 3

The power of silence offers you guidance and quietly whispers what is best next. It is this beautiful inner knowing which creates clarity beyond rational comprehension. Just don’t second guess – it can ruin everything.

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Yoga for the Mind: I am balanced, I am at peace

Feeling Centered – Week 4

We are continuing to discover more qualities that make us feel centered. What does it mean for you to be centered? This week we are focussing on balance. Balance is of paramount importance. Simply put: Everything which is good, successful, and beneficial has the quality of balance. Everything in contrast to this shows some kind of imbalance.

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...after my second time doing the beginners course, I now go to normal classes every week. I love it as part of my routine and look forward to keep it like this in the future. I don’t know how I could live without yoga in my whole life until now!

Patricia Atkinson

I love the "yoga for the mind" sequence, which gives a holistic approach to the sessions. I also can work at a level adapted to my level of fitness whilst still challenging myself. Maja does an amazing job.

Karen from Sydenham

Each week Maja lovingly prepares a sacred space for the group to practise quietude and meditation - I always feel warmly welcomed and enjoy to share in the beautiful stillness that descends during these sessions. I always leave feeling somewhat more empowered by the experience of group mediation.

Marg Kerkvilet

What I like best about YogaIntuition classes is the caring and understanding of our instructor, and what I like least about it is that the time seems to go so fast!

Penny McCambridge


Yoga for the Mind – Feeling centered! Week 7: ‘All is well in my happy place’

In our 'Yoga for the mind' sequence today we are exploring more qualities which make us feel centered and how to find our happy place...     

More podcasts coming soon

More podcasts coming soon

More podcasts coming soon

More podcasts coming soon

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Yoga and Intuition is nourishment for mind, body and soul.

We offer the opportunity to connect the dots and to fill the void our western lifestyle produces mentally, physically and spiritually. We think too much and can’t find calm, we eat too much and still feel empty, we experience busy lives but no fulfillment - anchor yourself in a new way with our wholistic Yoga practice, using your intuition for fulfilling self-care.

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