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Let your intuition guide you to enjoy Yoga in a new way

Be kind to yourself. Experience contentment in a holistic way with each session. Feel inspired with ideas on how to live a happier and more fulfilled life - step by step, session by session...

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Looking for a true holistic Yoga practice? Welcome, you have arrived! The word Yoga means ‘union'. We nurture body, mind, and spirit for a satisfying holistic experience.

According to a study by Yoga Alliance in 2018, only 28% of Yoga teachers worldwide offer the 'union' experience in their classes. Let your intuition guide you and find out more!

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5 Stars! I have been going to Yoga Intuition classes since last year and I am loving and enjoying it. I have never done yoga before and I was worried about not being able to do it. Then a friend recommended Maja's beginners course to me, so I started it and I have even done it a second time. It’s so good to do some exercises, stretching and relaxing in the same class. I also love the 'Yoga for the mind' part at the start of each class. Namaste for all the teaching and lessons for life!!

Patricia Atkinson

Maja is a gifted and inspiring yoga teacher and meditation guide. Unlike many yoga classes, there is no sense of competition or intimidation; the intent is on open-hearted learning and complete acceptance. Her restorative yoga classes are heavenly and will leave you feeling as if you have left a week-long retreat.

Jo Wolfreys

Maja's classes are always fun and relaxing. She's very attentive to the needs of the students whether they are at beginner or advanced levels, always ensuring the well-being and comfort of everyone and positively encouraging.
I like Maja's approach to teaching yoga from a holistic perspective, not just as a physical health practice, but also incorporating the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects offered by yoga practice.

Kia Tan

I love the "yoga for the mind" sequence, which gives a holistic approach to the sessions. I also can work at a level adapted to my level of fitness whilst still challenging myself. Maja does an amazing job.

Karen from Sydenham

Yoga classes with Maja are an authentic and pure journey creating harmony between the breath and the poses. She guides us expertly and joyously and I always feel invigorated and connected throughout.

Dellaney Sara Beckman

Maja’s classes have not only helped me gain more body strength but her classes are a total oasis of calm and a sanctum that I can totally call my own space and time.

Kay Evans

For me, Maja's meditation sessions are an oasis of calm at the end of a busy weekend.  As I leave my shoes at the door and step into the welcoming yoga room I become lighter.  Whether I stay for thirty minutes or ninety - the feeling of inner calm and well-being is measurable. There is a very special energy in meditating with like-minded souls, which feels so nurturing!


Ich wusste nichts über Yoga bis ich Anfang diesen Jahres damit anfing. Ich liebe alles! Vor allem, wie es mir geholfen hat, mich zu entspannen.



You reconnect with yourself as well as making new connections and new discoveries about the rest of the world...


Finding your own rhythm during practice, feeling free to go at your own pace and explore your very own world of Yoga and Intuition


It is never too late to start your Yoga practice! Even if you started at 95 years of age you still would make progress in your flexibility and strength. Never give up - here is your chance for a new Yoga experience you can fully enjoy


Once you have tasted the beauty of the MindBodySpirit holistic Yoga experience you will come back for more - and it doesn’t stop there! This approach of practicing Yoga will open the doors towards the experience of oneness, the merging of the individual consciousness with the consciousness of the whole...

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.


Your Yoga Guide

I am Maja. When I decided in 2016 to go one step further and train as a yoga teacher, I already had about 20 years of experience with my own yoga practice. I am totally passionate about yoga and its holistic philosophy - it gives you everything you need to better understand yourself and life in general, find your own balance and a new zest for life - from the inside out and back in again....

Yoga also supports you to find the freedom to shape your life in the way it is best for you!

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Yoga & Meditation for All

We offer something for almost every need:

Yoga: Theme Classes - also online & free of charge, Beginner Course, Workshops, 1-on-1, Restorative Mini-Retreats, Chair Yoga, Easy Stretching, Yoga@Beach from November to March

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Meditation: Sunday Meditation, Beginners Course, Primordial Sound Meditation Course (PSM), Special Event Meditations - also online & free of charge

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Health Coaching & Marma Therapy

Health Coaching is for those who want to have a transformational experience, change their habits and create a whole new approach to their lives...
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Marma Therapy is Ayurvedic Energy Point Activation or it is also called Ayurvedic Acupressure. It is a non-invasive alternative treatment method that is applied sensitively and can be a wonderful complement to traditional treatment methods.
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'TRY YOGA' Promo: 3 Sessions for $50

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