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Private Sessions for Yoga & Meditation

Find out how individual support can make all the difference

A private session is a session that is individually tailored to suit your personal needs as best as possible and can provide support holistically and organically.

Undivided individual attention can inspire unmatched progress in your personal development and has the potential to create healing. Together we will look deeply into the motivation behind any patterns of unconscious behaviour and bring light into the WHY of what is and how you can initiate change that is gentle and suits your own rhythm and pace. Enjoying the unbiased support and gentle guidance of your coach will enable you to invite new potential and possibilities. Maja deeply enjoys seeing her clients blossom into new possibilities thanks to a rich experience in guided self-development. We will take care of the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of our existence and carefully unravel where your priorities need to be to boost your well-being and well-feeling.

In Yoga, this can comprise anything that helps you become balanced, and increase flexibility AND strength - physically and mentally. It can greatly enhance your energy levels and expand your perception including self-love and self-compassion. Ideally, a new trust in your intuition will open the doors for a new trust in yourself and life.

In meditation, your 1-on-1 sessions might answer questions that you didn't even know you had because it can open your insight into new and higher states of consciousness that usually stay hidden to most people, unfortunately. Private sessions can quicken your progress immensely and help you understand life in general and your life in particular on a whole new level.

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the greatest gift you can give anyone is your undivided attention.




I appreciate Maja’s generosity with her time and sharing of what she knows. It is evident that she is committed to supporting others by bringing the enriching, energizing AND relaxing effects of Yoga and meditation into their world. Every week I have been struck by the synchronicity of what is happening in my life and the aspects of what we attended to in our sessions - I am learning continuously! I also value the follow up emails capturing the essence of our sessions and the option to communicate between sessions if the need arises. This has been an invaluable experience on my personal development journey!

Tania Daly


Private Session Details

1-on-1 on demand

Single sessions to a 12-Week-Program

Start   Anytime by appointment

Duration   Can be adjusted to individual needs

Session length   60 to 120 minutes

Please check the availability

Location is online
Location   Home Studio, Sumner, Christchurch, NZ

Session fee   $80 per session

More info about our 1-on-1 sessions 

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The benefits of individually tailored sessions are unmatched. It is an excellent opportunity for an unparalleled self-development experience.

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Bringing a new awareness to your personal situation can shift your conscious awareness about life in general to a whole new level.

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Learning to prioritise yourself and prioritise your mental and physical relaxation will create quality time in your life accompanied by the emerging of a whole new quality of your life experience. Joy, gratitude, and inner peace are some of the qualities that can become your steady companions. Ease and lightness from being able to rest in being and knowing how to be present in your life will enable you to choose your pace of life in a new way instead of feeling pushed around by the demands of your to-do lists. This has the potential to greatly enhance the overall quality of your life.

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In meditation we learn to tap into the field of all possibilities and unlimited potential and can find out what it means to do less and achieve more...

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In Yoga and meditation our most important guiding tool is to adjust the practice to meet our individual needs. Yoga & meditation should always feel comfortable to allow for an easy and enjoyable practice.

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There are many resources available that can be shared either online via links or via digital files or as printouts as well if you prefer reading from a tangible source.

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A follow-up email after each session will enable you to check on what was covered in each session and you might receive options for exercises and additional inspirations you can utilise in your own time. Questions can be asked that you forgot to ask during your session and this is included in your session fee and doesn't create extra cots.

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This is the ultimate support package, personal, reliable and super effective! If for some reason our chemistry doesn't allow for this to happen, our 1-on-1 arrangement can be canceled from both sides at any point in time without any other fees occurring.

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Please contact me in case you have questions.





Looking forward to our session! We provide yoga mats, meditation cushions and other necessary props, but, of course, you are welcome to bring your own mat or cushion, if you have one & please come in comfy clothes that allow you to sit or move freely.


By attending private sessions you acknowledge that you are participating and practising at your own risk. Please contact your healthcare provider if in doubt.

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