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What Health Coaching can do for you...

Health Coaching helps you change your habits! 95% of our behaviour occurs out of habit, either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. Health Coaching helps you become aware of those patterns and shows you new ways to explore. In doing so your Health Coach supports you in transforming your life - potentially into whatever you dream it to be! You are the master on your path, your health coach is your guide - offering inspirations and holding you accountable for following through on your decisions, step by step.

There is a wealth of knowledge we can draw on with lots of resources at our fingertips, mainly provided by HCI Health Coach Institute (USA) which was my training provider. As a certified Life & Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, I am creating a unique wellspring for holistic well-being in my own life as well and utilize this practical knowledge to help others to make their own individual adjustments in their lives and experience these wonderful transformational effects...

Health Coaching is a great opportunity to discover some new perspectives for yourself and explore what it feels like to work with a coach. It can make all the difference to have someone there for you who is qualified to support you on your journey. If you feel you could benefit from gaining energy, losing weight, and/or transforming your body, and your life, book your Habit Change Discovery Session.

Support and accountability along with an effective program for Habit Change are producing lasting results! Your Health Coach takes the time you need for support, has the skills to help you stay motivated and follow through, so you don't default back to your set habits, which often happens without the proper support, even when people know their old habits make them feel lousy. Instead, we will celebrate every little step and success together which is extremely motivating and brings results. All the small steps and changes are truly manageable and before you know it, they might already have turned into big results!

This Universe is not outside
of you. Look inside your
self; everything that you
want, you already are.




In our sessions you can discover:


A powerful vision for your Body/Life/Energy Transformation, and what this could mean for you and your life. As your Health Coach, I will provide you with an already proven program for Habit Change. We will adjust the program to your individual needs, and I will also act as your accountability partner to help you succeed!


What’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the healthy & happy life you want. The proven program is a path to awareness about your daily choices and how you can turn them into an enjoyable new lifestyle. There are many new ways to discover, which all can be adjusted to your personal situation and needs.


Which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down - and what to do about it. My unique set of coaching skills will help you in everyday life to transform your body and your life in a gentle and individually adjusted way. Your part is to remain open and coachable, and an enjoyable journey with many rewarding aha-moments is waiting for you to unfold.



A step-by-step plan to create a 'Body-Life-Energy Transformation' in 90 days - or less, or more - with continuous adjustment to your personal needs. HCI Health Coaching provides a proven program with the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY, so potentially we can make a totalbody-live transformation possible while you stay in control of all steps in the process.

What Clients Say

Maja's healthcoaching habit change programme is so different from what I have tried in the past, because it provides much needed support, it feels very natural - step by step guidance helps me to feel really good about myself every day. I love that I learn to focus on all the good things and what is important, which helps plant seeds for my desired future self. It definitely already was a breakthrough in my self-care to start making myself a priority! Maja's approach was loving and understanding, and she helped me to change old habits with ease and fun.

Renata Susanj

Before embarking on a journey of transformation, I can say with all honesty that I was hesitant, as I had tried and tried in the past to make the same transformations but without prolonged success. Now at the halfway point, with the amazing coaching and support from my health coach, not only am I changing the way I feel about my body, my life and my place in both, I am learning to nourish my mind, body and soul, create my own rhythm and love myself and my life. For me one of the biggest “Aha” moments has been that true, sustainable change isn’t a hard and fast, upheaval of one’s life but small, steady and manageable strategies implemented to modify the unhealthy habits my life has consisted of for the past 30+ years and transform them into positive, nourishing new habits to build towards the life I know I deserve.


I had tried diet and exercise programmes before and, after some initial successes, I had found them unsustainable. Food deprivation and dragging myself out for unenjoyable and uncomfortable exercise was just not fun. Maja’s programme, though, which I am so happy to have decided to commit myself to, works holistically so that, with her support, I have found better ways of eating, moving and simply living that I enjoy and welcome. Our weekly sessions have become something I look forward to as we work through issues, affirm the positive changes I have made and set new weekly goals. I am learning and changing and living in a more consciously appraising way but the changes have been so gradual, carefully structured and gentle that there has never been a sense of pressure or disappointment. I’m half-way through the programme and already feeling healthier and more positive.

Paddy Richardson

The outcome of my journey with Maja has been literally life changing. I came into this with the expectation of learning some quick tips on weight loss and what I got was a whole lot more valuable. I learned to feel blessed and thankful for all that I have now. I see the beautiful moments in the daily grind. Im learning to "self soothe" when my anxiety threatens to take over. I'm learning to be thankful for my body and all it has done for me. I'm learning that although weight loss was my number 1 goal its not the 'be all and end all' of my journey. Through all of this, Maja has been the most amazing support I could have ever asked for. She listened without judgement and I can't thank her enough for that.

Nadia Graham

Maja is such a lovely coach and mentor and I know she is going to do amazing things with it!

Meghan Winkler, USA

Free 2-hour Discovery Session when you commit to the program!

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