Yoga for the Mind: Change the way you look at things

...and the things you look at change

Exploring Energy - Week 5

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.   Wayne Dyer

Sometimes it can feel puzzling when we hear this - "Change the way you look at things" - because we are often so convinced that the way we see something is the 'right' way, or at least for us personally it sometimes seems to be the one and only way.

If you would be a photographer it would be normal for you to change perspective often! Just looking at something from one perspective only wouldn't usually enter your mind, because experimenting with different perspectives is not only fun for creating a special picture but reveals so many new and interesting aspects of an object, a person, or a situation. And what most amateur photographers don't realize is that the most interesting images can be created with photographing not with the light but into the light - which is the opposite of the so-called normal way of taking a picture.

This is just another example of how applying the opposite of what you think is best can free you from a fixed viewpoint and let you enjoy a different perspective - or even many new perspectives - and with it come new insights and experiences as a bonus. This is freeing! It frees energy which is sitting trapped for whatever reason - and when energy is freed, it will pull you forward to an exciting new journey of discovery.

A wonderful side-effect of changing perspective also is the chance to learn more about yourself!

Fixed viewpoints usually are infused by fear - often of the unknown - and held high by tried & tested reasoning of our socially endorsed sources of influence, and this is good for a starting point of understanding, but it often stops short of serving the individual person on an individual level.

Discovering your very own individual perspective of something, this change of perspective is a great tool to experiment and try things out - then when it feels right and you even get excited about what you have discovered you know you've found your own way of looking at things!

A wonderful side-effect of changing perspective also is the chance to learn more about yourself!

Our asanas, the physical postures, can be a great eye-opener and can help very practically to open doors into new perspectives!

Our backbends, we are focussing on over this term, especially serve us well in their quality as heart-opening postures, inviting us to feel more and focus on feeling our way through an experience.

As Mooji puts it "Your heart is the light of this world. Don't cover it with your mind." Freeing energy while letting our heart lead, guides you to your passion. And "Your passion will lead you right into your purpose..." (Bishop T.D. Jakes).

This is the best energizer you could ask for!



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