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Welcome to our holistic Theme Classes that provide inspiration for the mind & spirit as well as invigorating stimulation for the body! Our sessions are 2 hours in duration, starting with a good warm-up (15 mins), then you can lie down, relax and just listen to the 'Yoga for the mind' sequence (15 mins). This is a beautiful opportunity for self-inquiry and self-reflection that is an essential part of the traditional 8-fold Yogic path to freedom, bliss, oneness with all of life and glimpses of enlightenment. Put in a simpler way: it keeps the body AND the mind flexible! Then we will do a 1-hour Yoga practice followed by a 10-minute guided deep relaxation. The session ends with a 15-minute guided meditation. This is so nourishing for the soul as well and can 'reintroduce you to the part that's been missing' as someone has so pointedly put it.  Our sessions celebrate Yoga as the beautiful holistic practice that it really is - and not just a fitness alternative! The classes are intuitive and gentle with a challenging edge for healthy expansion. My teaching is based on Hatha Yoga and the sessions will not only guide you through a satisfying practice including conscious breathing, of course, but you will be encouraged to follow your own rhythm and pace. And you don't have to do anything you might not feel ready for - feel free to opt for a resting pose anytime you need it!

The 'Yoga for the mind' sequence is the reason why we call it a Theme Class. Each term a new theme is selected, which we explore every week from a different perspective.


2024 is all about

RELAXATION & Energy management:


Term 1 - Relaxation & Energy Management for the Body  💚  10 Feb to 13 April 2024

Term 2 - Relaxation & Energy Management for the Mind  🧡  4 May to 29 June 2024

Term 3 - Relaxation & Energy Management for the Soul  💜  27 July to 21 Sep 2024

Term 4 - Create Your Way of Relaxation & Energy Management  💛  19 Oct to 14 Dec 2024


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Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.



Yoga Theme Class details

In-person classes

2024: Term 2 (9 weeks) starts on the 4th of May 2024

Saturdays at 9.30 am (2 h), in person at MPCC

$50 Try Yoga Promo  valid for 3 classes (for everyone new to YogaIntuition)

Class fee option 1:   $200 Term Ticket

Class fee option 2:   $25 Casual One-time Ticket

Special option: TRY YOGA Promo for everyone new to YogaIntuition classes - 3 Classes for $50

More about our Theme classes

Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners. SHAKESPEARE

The word Yoga means 'union' of mind, body & spirit and in that sense, we not only address the union of mind, body & spirit within each & every single one of us but also the union of the individual with the whole of creation - which all of us are naturally a part of by our very existence. Each and every Theme Class has the potential to enable conscious living!

It all starts with YOU. You will be encouraged to find your own rhythm & pace during our Yoga practice as well as utilizing your intuition and adjust the practice to your needs. A new quality of body-mind-spirit connection can be developed in our mindful holistic yoga practice. I will support you in this as good as I can. Individual attention is very important to me which is why my classes always will be kept small. Our intuitive approach can greatly help with relearning to listen to your body, gently adjusting the postures to your own needs, and as a result, your overall well-feeling is very likely to be enhanced. Yoga makes you happier! It is so satisfying and refreshing to gift yourself this nurturing and holistic attention and self-care. I am also supporting you in creating a personal practice that can become uniquely your own.

Relaxation is a big part of our classes as well and we weave in relaxing pauses that make the practice so much more enjoyable. The deep guided relaxation at the end is a favourite for many! Conscious breathing and a good warm-up are important components too.

Yoga mats are provided, but it is recommended that you bring your own if possible. Come in comfy clothes that allow you to move freely!

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Please contact me in case you have questions.





By joining any classes you acknowledge that you are participating and practising Yoga at your own risk.

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