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Christchurch Meditation Course
for Beginners

Free Meditation Course

This course is suitable for Beginners too.

In this course we will explore the benefits of meditation, the changes it can bring to your daily life, we will discover different meditation techniques and the roles Mantras and Mudras play. We will learn how to go beyond our thoughts and how freeing that can feel. We will look at how meditation can dissipate stress and learn how to step out of old habits and conditioning while opening the inner door to inner peace, joyfulness, bliss and waking up to create conscious living.

Our course has the potential to be a life-changing step toward establishing a new approach to living your life, proactively integrating a meditation practice that serves you best and suits you individually.

This course is free. In case you can and would like to make a contribution towards the costs and to support my work, that is gratefully accepted.

Meditation helps you do less and accomplish more.



Course details

Meditation Course


Starting   22 October 2022 - join anytime!

Saturdays   at 10 am

Class length   120 minutes

Location is online
Location   MPCC Mt Pleasant Community Centre, 3 McCormacks Bay Rd

Course cost   FREE - voluntary contributions are gratefully accepted

Start your meditation journey

You will be introduced to Meditation and how to reconnect with your true self, with your soul, going beyond the mind and glimpsing into the field of unlimited potential, the source of all possibilities, and learning about higher states of consciousness. This course includes all you need to know about sitting, breathing, thoughts, mantras, mudras, experiences in meditation, practical tips and exploring the seven states of consciousness as handed down from the Vedas, the oldest texts of Sanskrit literature in ancient India.


We will look in-depth at the following

* Love - The Essence of Life
* Stillness - The Field of Unlimited Potential
* Meditation - The Benefits of Meditation
* Thoughts - How to move beyond your mind
* Mantras & Mudras - Meditation Techniques & Practical Tips
* Experiences - Expectations, Acceptance, Surrender
* The 8 Limbs of Yoga - The Practice of One-Pointed Focused Attention
* Consciousness - The 'Normal' States & the Higher States of Consciousness
* Sadhana - The Importance of Spiritual Practice for Your Life




What the course will deliver: 

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As in Yoga, also in meditation our most important guiding tool is to adjust the practice to meet our individual needs. Meditation should feel comfortable to allow for an easy and enjoyable practice.

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Meditation is THE best stress release as thousand of studies show!

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Besides the many benefits meditation has to offer, you will explore gentle shifts in consciousness, growing a new awareness, expanding your perception of life and existence.

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You can experience the shift from consistent doing to a new awareness of being, enjoy the lightness of resting in being, and become able to choose your pace of life in a new way instead of feeling pushed around by the demands of your to-do lists. This has the potential to greatly enhance the overall quality of your life.

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While tapping into the field of all possibilities and unlimited potential we can find out and experience what it means to do less and achieve more...

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We will share experiences and learn from each other along the way.

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A follow-up email after each session will enable you to be able to read again what was talked about in each session and receive options for exercises and additional inspirations you can utilise in your own time.

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Please contact me in case you have questions.





Looking forward to our course 🙂 we provide meditation cushions and chairs, but, of course, you are welcome to bring your own & please come in comfy clothes that allow you to sit comfortably!

By joining this course you acknowledge that you are participating and practising at your own risk.

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