5 Tibetan Rites & Chakra Balancing

9-Week Course

'5 Tibetan Rites & Chakra Balancing' Course


The 5 Tibetan Rites are an ancient practice, which has been called 'The Fountain of Youth'. It is based on balancing our energy centres, the Chakras. Learn a practice that only takes 10 to 20 minutes per day to keep your body, mind & spirit uplifted and functioning in an optimal way!

"When you hold yourself in high esteem, and when you know that you are worthy of the very best that life can offer, what you are really doing is loving yourself. Self-love enables you to feel good about who and what you are, and this greatly speeds the renewal process... Those who enrich themselves with the treasure of self-love make all things possible."

Quote by the editor in the foreword to Peter Kelder's book 'Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth'



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Course Details

9-Week Course

Starting  February 10, 2024

Class Time   Saturdays at 3:00 pm (GMT+12:00)

Class length   120 minutes

Course Fee   $290, including a comprehensive printout of about 100 pages

Start your chakra Balancing journey

This 9-week course will introduce you to the practice of the 5 Tibetan Rites and how to balance your Chakras.

We will slowly build our practice over the course of the 9 weeks and focus on balancing one Chakra each week as well as learning about what causes chakra imbalances and explore various tools & techniques for how to stimulate and create a new balance for ourselves individually using affirmations, colours, mantras & mudras, meditations, sound healing, the elements of nature, our senses, food, gemstones, aromatherapy, and more.


You will be introduced to the 7 major Chakras :

*  1st Chakra    The ROOT Chakra - Muladhara is all about grounding
*  2nd Chakra  The SACRAL Chakra - Svadhisthana represents the quality of creativity
*  3rd Chakra   The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra - Manipura carries the energy of willpower
*  4rth Chakra The HEART Chakra - Anahata is all about love
*  5th Chakra   The THROAT Chakra - Vishudda brings awareness to self-expression
*  6th Chakra   The THIRD EYE Chakra - Ajna encourages us to trust our intuition
*  7th Chakra   The CROWN Chakra - Sahasrara is about unity consciousness



What the course will deliver: 

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You will receive a printout of Peter Kelder's book 'Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth', (alternative a pdf file is available) as well as a comprehensive printout about Chakras detailing the balancing techniques for a different Chakra each week

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An easy warm-up sequence will be introduced and after performing the Tibetan Rites you are invited to enjoy a guided deep relaxation that completes the physical part of each session

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In your weekly printout for each Chakra the signs of Chakra imbalances are detailed and in-depth explanations are provided why it matters to balance your energy centres, introducing you to the profound benefits for your health and wellbeing the balancing creates

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Chakra balancing is an exciting journey of exploration providing new insights into your own life as well as the challenges, successes and everything in between that affect us all

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Individual freedom to create your very own balancing methods will be encouraged and supported which will empower you to create your own personal practice right from the start while enjoying the freedom to proceed in your own rhythm and at your own pace

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There will be a great variety of suggestions for how to balance your seven major energy centres, your Chakras, including a check sheet for each Chakra that makes it easy to stay on track with your balancing choices, and it also encourages you to try something new every day!

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Inspiring affirmations will invite you to experiment with new perspectives and develop profound self-compassion and healthy self-love

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The rich information curated for this course has the potential to be a life changer and can truly benefit you for the rest of your life!

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Small group with max 8 participants!

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Please contact me in case you have questions.





By joining this course you acknowledge that you are participating and practising at your own risk.

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