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Yoga Easter 2024

Happy Easter 🐇

What is happening on
EASTER Sunday:

YOGA@beach at 7.30 amread more here - It is the end of Daylight Savings, so check your clocks!

EASTER Sunday Meditation at 5.30 as usual in Sumner, read more here
Join us if you feel like creating some balance to eating Easter eggs etc 😉👌🏼💓
What is NOT happening: 
Our holistic Yoga Theme Class on Saturday morning is CANCELED for the 30th of March!
(Instead we will do one more class in term 1 on the 13th of April in addition to next week's class.)
The free online Tuesday Meditation is CANCELED for the 2nd of April.


🐇 Magic Easter - enjoy!


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Holistic Yoga Theme Classes

YogaIntuition Theme Classes 2024 are all about RELAXATION & Energy Management

Term 1:  Relaxation & Energy Management for the Body  💚   10 Feb to 13 April 2024

Term 2:  Relaxation & Energy Management for the Mind  🧡    4 May to 29 June 2024

Term 3:  Relaxation & Energy Management for the Soul  💜    27 July to 21 Sep 2024

Term 4:  Create Your Personal Way of Relaxation & Energy Management  💛                            19 Oct to 14 Dec 2024


Casual attendance welcome! 🔆

Read more about all events here

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🕉 NEW: Free 30-minute online Tuesday Meditations at 6.30 pm

These Meditations are guided live! Casual attendance welcome.

Read more about this week's theme here

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Looking forward to meditating with you!

Any questions? Please ask.



Meditation is tuning in with your soul.

An ancient technique: Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is Ayurvedic Acupressure or energy point activation
Private sessions available
Christchurch, NZ



YOGA@beach 2023/24

Kia Ora, Welcome & Namaste!


This event takes place on every Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday at 7 am (60 mins)
Check for UPDATES here

Booking is NOT required, welcome to just turn up 😊         
We always have some spare mats there!

Read more about YOGA@beach here


🏝 See you at the beach!
Mother's Day Special 2024 small

Mother's Day Special

The ultimate gift 🌸💞🌸

$199 for two

And $99 for one

Sunday, 12 May 2024

10 am to 3 pm

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...a day to remember  💝


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Make your own magic 2

💫 Happy Magic 2024 ✨

Ready for a new start, a new beginning at any point in time this year?
Check out our on-demand SANKALPA Workshops, in-person & online, in English & in German! Available any time, please inquire.
I am looking forward to some Yogic magic together with you in 2024!
Please let me know if you have questions.
Namaste ✨🙏✨


Sankalpa Image for SM

SANKALPA Workshops on demand

A unique opportunity to form a clear intention for a new beginning at any time!

In-person Workshop   $150

Online Workshop   $90


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✨ If you believe in yourself, anything is possible ✨ (Unknown)


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Weekly Meditation

Welcome to join anytime!

Sundays 5.30 to 7 pm

Come & go as you please - sit for 5 mins or stay as long as you like... or simply lie down and relax!

It's free!


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Dinner after Meditation

Dinner after Meditation


Welcome to join us for

Dinner after Meditation 🕉🍽

UPDATE: Next Dinner meeting is on Sunday, April 7, at 7.15 pm

We usually meet for dinner after meditation on the first Sunday of each month. We are dining at any of the restaurants in Sumner, try different tastes and enjoy an opportunity to get to know each other a bit more beyond meditating together 😊🍽🕉🍽😊

Let me know if you have questions.


PS, please note that everyone pays for their own meals & drinks 😊👍🏼



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Meditation Course


The next Meditation Course

is starting on Sunday, 11th of February 2024, at 10 am (2 hours)

This course is suitable for Beginners.

I offer one free space alongside every paid space 🙏


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Cover podcast

Guided Meditations on YouTube & Podcast ✨

New Recordings:

Hope Meditation (30 mins)




Enjoy 😊  Namaste 🙏

To expand your wings, be persistent in learning new things.

Debasish Mridha

About YogaIntuition

Holistic Yoga is a way of life - it nourishes body, mind, and soul. This is what we do at YogaIntuition every day. It is the Yoga of conscious living empowering you to find your way home - to yourself.

The purpose of Yoga is to calm the mind, as stated already about 2000 years ago in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Such a long time ago this important insight was already there and today we still need to discover how this can be realised for each of us individually. At YogaIntuition we support you with a lot of individually adjustable and beautiful tools to rediscover & enjoy the divine essence of being.

What are your wishes and needs? Let us know!

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