Meditation for Beginners


Reconnect with your true self

Here is a new course for you: Meditation for Beginners. It is a 9-week course that will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about meditation based on my studies with as well as my own meditation practice for over 2 decades. I have studied in 2020/2021 to become a meditation teacher and this course is my gift to you, passing on what I have learned.

The course is free! A voluntary contribution is much appreciated if you can.

Being a Yoga teacher as well I also integrate the wisdom of Yoga following the 8-fold Yogic Path which is basically a path to freedom, self-realisation, bliss, and union with the whole.

Rediscover the part that has been missing! Reconnect with your true self, your soul, the field of infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. Do less & achieve more while feeling inspired, calm, and peaceful. Witness the magic unfolding in your own life - the magic only meditation can deliver...

We also meditate in a group meditation session every Sunday from 5.30 pm onwards and everyone can come & go as they please and sit for 5 minutes or as long as you like. Read more about it here.


All that we are is the result of
what we have thought.



For me, Maja's meditation sessions are an oasis of calm at the end of a busy weekend.  As I leave my shoes at the door and step into the welcoming yoga room I become lighter.  Whether I stay for thirty minutes or ninety - the feeling of inner calm and well-being is measurable. There is a very special energy in meditating with like-minded souls, which feels so nurturing!


Each week Maja lovingly prepares a sacred space for the group to practise quietude and meditation - I always feel warmly welcomed and enjoy to share in the beautiful stillness that descends during these sessions. I always leave feeling somewhat more empowered by the experience of group mediation.

Marg Kerkvliet

Meditation offers a calming refuge, without the pressure of doctrine or agenda - simply a place to be ...and find peace.

Jo Wolfreys

In the past I have approached yoga a bit like medicine - something I needed to take but not really enjoyable. However, this all changed when I joined Maja's classes. Maja uses an intuitive yoga approach and I loved it. I came each week for my body to be healed, to mediate, to find a calm place, and to be nurtured. At last, I have found a teacher for me.

Cynthia Roberts

I love Maja's beginners yoga class. Maja always makes me feel capable and encourages me to listen to my body and adapt the moves to my ability level whilst still challenging myself. She is an excellent teacher that I would recommend to anybody!

Karen from Sydenham

I love Maja’s classes. They are small enough that Maya gives everyone individual assistance when required. She helps us to understand the yoga poses and principles. She has a very calming voice. I look forward to my yoga with Maja.

Colleen Wadley

Loving yoga with Maja after starting a year ago. I am particularly enjoying the stretching and strengthening that come with the different postures.  Maia is great with her encouragement and correcting which keeps me trying out new postures every week.

Linda W (Sumner)


Freedom to Meditate - in your own Way


Meditation for Beginners

You will be introduced to Meditation and how to reconnect with your true self, with your soul, going beyond the mind and glimpsing into the field of unlimited potential. This course is including all you need to know about sitting, breathing, thoughts, mantras, mudras, experiences in meditation, practical tips and exploring the seven states of consciousness as handed down from the Vedas, the oldest texts of Sanskrit literature in ancient India.



Meditation on Sunday

It is an open space for meditation between 5.30 and 7 pm. You are free to come and go as you please and meditate for 5 mins or the whole time, whatever feels right for you. You are also welcome to lie down and just relax. We play recorded guided meditations on request, which tell you the basics about meditation. They are 15 mins each with Tibetan Bell sounds in-between to help with silent meditation.

Reserve your 30 minute free one-on-one session!

YogaIntuition is nourishment for mind, body and soul.

We offer the opportunity to connect the dots and to fill the void our western lifestyle produces mentally, physically and spiritually. We think too much and can’t find calm, we eat too much and still feel empty, we experience busy lives but no fulfillment - anchor yourself in a new way with our wholistic Yoga practice, using your intuition for fulfilling self-care.

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