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Reconnect with your true self

Tune in with your soul and the spirit of life, the field of unlimited potential and all possibilities, the source of infinite intelligence and creation, the realm of life force, life energy, intuitive guidance and boundless inspiration, the profound inner peace that emerges from feeling the oneness with all that is...the purity of unconditional love, the space where all separation dissolves. THIS is YOUR essence!

You are an amazing divine being - rediscover your true essence, reconnect with your true self. Find new trust in life and develop new trust in yourself while experiencing and enjoying the immense benefits of meditation in your daily life. Meditation is THE best stress relief - easy and comfortable to do, and always accessible to you.

Learn about the importance of intentions, attention and how to utilise meditation to open the doors to the fulfilment of your heartfelt wishes - the universe is listening!

Energise yourself with lifting your vibes and your life by understanding and unfolding conscious living for yourself - and in doing so you contribute to lifting the energies for our whole world - just by raising your own.

Maja is a Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor since 2021 and is on her personal meditation journey of rediscovery, self-realisation and blissful refuge for more than 20 years.

Our Meditation Beginners Course offers a profound intro to meditation for everyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding. You will be guided and encouraged to create your very own approach. The joy and excitement of finding this freedom is your best ally in building confidence that you are doing it right - right for you.

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Do less & achieve more while feeling inspired, calm, and peaceful. Witness the magic unfolding in your own life - the magic only meditation can deliver...

We also meditate every Sunday in an informal group setting from 5.30 pm to 7 pm at the Yoga & Qigong School of Sumner.

Everyone can come & go as they please and sit for 5 minutes or as long as you like.

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Look forward to meditating together!

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Meditation makes the entire nervous system
go into a field of coherence.


Meditation can reintroduce you
to the part that's been missing.


if we could see the miracle
of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.


Meditation Feedback

For me, Maja's meditation sessions are an oasis of calm at the end of a busy weekend.  As I leave my shoes at the door and step into the welcoming yoga room I become lighter.  Whether I stay for thirty minutes or ninety - the feeling of inner calm and well-being is measurable. There is a very special energy in meditating with like-minded souls, which feels so nurturing!


Meditation offers a calming refuge, without the pressure of doctrine or agenda - simply a place to be ...and find peace.

Jo Wolfreys

Each week Maja lovingly prepares a sacred space for the group to practise quietude and meditation -
I always feel warmly welcomed and enjoy to share in the beautiful stillness that descends during these sessions.
I always leave feeling somewhat more empowered by the experience of group mediation.

Marg Kerkvliet

I appreciate Maja’s generosity with her time and sharing of what she knows. It is evident she puts a lot of work into the course and is committed to supporting others to bring meditation into their world. 
Every week I have been struck by the synchronicity of what is happening in my life and aspects of Maja’s talk, I am learning continuously! I also value the follow up emails capturing the essence of what was talked about.

Tania Daly

Maja taught me many tools to meditate in a lovely calm way. She is very flexible in her approach and very attentive. Therefore I felt very supported and it was easy to pay attention and relax into it..


My rating is 10 for the Beginners Meditation Course as Maja is so generous in sharing her knowledge and I gained so much from the sessions. I liked many things about the course! I appreciated the balance between practicing meditation (and the many ways to do this) and information about meditation (linking to the origins and benefits, especially spiritual and universal - teaching us how meditation is much more than a stress-management tool. Maja's warm and positive attitude created a nurturing and safe space to explore meditation as a group. Providing us with so many valuable resources. Even though I am still at an early stage in establishing a regular meditation practice, the course has already enriched my personal and professional (healthcare) life.
I thought I would find it hard moving from in-person to online but actually, I feel both formats work well (in person perhaps has an edge, allowing more of a connection with the group).


Maja is a wonderful teacher and I find myself so relaxed during a class and never want it to end.
I feel energised and my day flows after attending a class with Maja.

Jayne K.

I really liked the freedom the Beginners Course offered to be able to learn about meditation practices and techniques
and adapt them to my personal preferences.

Brigid Peddie

I was concerned that I wasn't meditating correctly because I often had a hard time quieting my mind.
After taking the beginner's meditation course, I  learned that there isn't any one correct way to meditate and I feel reassured that
I am taking care of myself by committing myself to regular meditation.

Adrienne Malis

Maja's course helped me to understand the benefits of meditation and that I am normal in my struggle to calm my busy mind.
I particularly liked the exercises where we practised different ways of meditating.



Freedom to Meditate - in your own Way


Meditation (Beginners) Course

You will be introduced to Meditation and how to reconnect with your true self, with your soul, going beyond the mind and getting glimpses into the field of unlimited potential.

This course includes all you need to know about meditation and it's free! The course is suitable for beginners but offers so much that almost everyone will benefit from it!

You learn about the many benefits of meditation, options for sitting, breathing, thoughts, mantras, mudras, experiences in meditation, practical tips and exploring The Seven States of Consciousness as described in the Vedas, the oldest texts in Sanskrit literature originating from ancient India.

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Meditation on Sundays

We offer an open space for meditation between 5.30 and 7 pm on Sundays at the Yoga & Qigong School of Sumner.

Come and go as you please and meditate for 5 mins or the whole time, whatever feels right for you. You are also welcome to lie down and just relax.

We can offer two recorded guided meditations on request, which tell you the basics of meditation.

They are 15 minutes each in duration with Tibetan Bowl sounds in-between (also for 15 minutes) to help with silent meditation.

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Primordial Sound Meditation

Mantras exist in many cultures and traditions. They serve a variety of purposes, which vary by tradition and individual usage.

Primordial Sound Meditation mantras have no limited or conventional meaning - they’re used solely for their sound or vibration. When we use them in meditation, there’s nothing left to hold our attention at the level of activity. This enables us to slip beyond the activity of our mind more easily, slipping into the gap between our thoughts - where we can connect to the field of pure potentiality from which the vibration of the primordial sound arose.

There are 108 primordial sounds, derived from the study of ancient sages who recorded the vibrations of the universe in relation to the position of the moon. Your personal mantra incorporates the vibration the universe was making at the time and place of your birth! Using Vedic mathematics, the position of the moon at that specific time and place of your birth is calculated.

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