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Christchurch Yoga Course
for Beginners

learn yoga at your own pace


This is a yoga course for beginners that ensures that we are moving slow and gentle, warming up properly, building the foundations first, and allowing time and space for individual attention and the best possible learning experience.

You will be introduced to Yoga including all you need to know about body, mind, and spirit, and how this might be relevant for you personally. Welcome to your holistic Yoga experience!


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The goal of practice is always to keep our beginner's mind.



Course details

In-person Evening Course, Beginners Yoga


Start   May 3, 2024

Fridays  at 7 pm  (120 Minutes)

MPCC, 3 McCormacks Bay Road, Mount Pleasant, Christchurch, NZ
Location   MPCC, Mt Pleasant CC

Course fee   $270 - including a comprehensive printout accompanying the course

Start your yoga journey

Our beginner yoga course will be a great way for you to start or re-start your yoga journey.

Welcome to your holistic yoga experience!  You'll receive individual attention with classes restricted to a maximum of 8 participants. This will ensure an optimal learning experience. The Beginners Yoga Course also comes with a comprehensive printout.

You will be introduced to The 8 Limbs of Yoga:

  • The Yamas - the practice of universal moral truths
  • The Niyamas - the practice of personal disciplines
  • Asanas - the practice of physical postures
  • Pranayama - the practice of breath control
  • Pratyahara - the practice of the withdrawal from the senses
  • Dharana - the practice of focused attention
  • Dhyana - the practice of meditation
  • Samadhi - self-realisation, freedom, oneness



What the course will deliver: 

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You will learn 30+ Beginner Yoga postures - including all the benefits they offer!

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Our most important guiding tool is to adjust the practice to YOUR needs and wishes - not the other way round! Yoga should feel comfortable to allow for gradual and gentle progress.

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Intuitive guidance for your development and individual learning will empower you to create your own personal practice right from the start while you enjoy the freedom to proceed in your own rhythm and at your own pace.

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It will be welcoming and inviting including a good warm-up, a bit of stretching and healthy expansion, some breathing techniques as well as some restorative poses alongside Yoga practice - and guided deep relaxation to finish the class!

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Yoga builds strength and flexibility at the same time while supporting you to create a new balance in your life.

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Holistic Yoga includes 'Yoga for the mind'. With inspiring thoughts and quotes, and a bit of humour about our humanness, we will stimulate our imagination and encourage us to experiment with new perspectives.

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Refreshing and re-balancing, calming and restorative, invigorating and enjoyable is the mix our classes are made of!

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You will also learn about Mudras & Mantras and receive a brief introduction to meditation.

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Small group with max 8 participants!

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Please contact me in case you have questions.





By joining this course you acknowledge that you are participating and practising at your own risk.

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