August 2019

Yoga for the Mind: Self-Compassion

Feeling Centered – Week 6

Usually, we are preoccupied with getting things done and taking care of others or all sorts of things outside ourselves over the course of a day and when we start to feel depleted, frustrated, or even depressed about how little could be accomplished for whatever reasons, a moment of self-compassion can do wonders!

Yoga for the Mind: Awareness is the Power

Feeling Centered – Week 5

The present moment requires awareness to be noticed in its full potential. Without awareness, there is our life passing by – with us unable to truly participate – instead we are tossed around by what is happening and as a result easily become a victim of circumstances and other factors. Becoming aware of how we feel right now is a start.

Yoga for the Mind: I am balanced, I am at peace

Feeling Centered – Week 4

We are continuing to discover more qualities that make us feel centered. What does it mean for you to be centered? This week we are focussing on balance. Balance is of paramount importance. Simply put: Everything which is good, successful, and beneficial has the quality of balance. Everything in contrast to this shows some kind of imbalance.

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