The Art of Rest & Relaxation

Yoga for the Mind: You have permission to rest

The Art of Rest & Relaxation – Week 2

Giving yourself permission is very powerful – and in fact really easy! We often tend to look to others to find out what’s ‘right’ instead of finding the courage to look inside and find out what truly is right for ourselves. We don’t need anyone else’s permission to do anything really. It is so freeing to give ourselves permission to do what we feel is right for us.

Yoga for the Mind: May you be at peace…

The Art of Rest & Relaxation – Week 1

Hope the New Year has started smooth & relaxed for you… in any case you will have the chance to immerse yourself into The Art of Rest & Relaxation in our casual classes during term 1! We will explore the benefits of rest & relaxation and learn techniques to apply more of it in daily life, which hopefully will make the rest of 2020 as enjoyable as possible…

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