Yoga for the Mind: When you own your breath…

Whatever you do today, let it be enough.

The Art of Rest & Relaxation - Week 7

Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by.  Mariah Schell

How to create peace for yourself? This is one of the big questions of our time while life usually is lived in overdrive mode, and now - thanks to coronavirus - has come to an abrupt standstill...

Can you handle it? What is your response to this collective lockdown situation?

Are you nervous, anxious, angry even? Are you defiant? Or are you accepting the challenge with curiosity about the changes it could bring? Can you welcome this profound change and are looking forward to doing things differently, trying new ways, experimenting with yourself and your circumstances in this new-found situation, exploring new options and possibilities, enjoying the new learning that comes with it?


Basically it is a question of how negative or how positive your reaction is and what you do invite into your life in this situation...

It is a no-brainer that a negative attitude won't bring you peace and acceptance - and without peace and acceptance any openness for new experiences is out the door and you can't catch it, because you have to stay home... That's a recipe for disaster in the making, so how can we turn this around and emerge as a winner from this lockdown situation - no matter what?

It is very simple and starts with connecting to our natural breathing... This is how I usually start every class - with the invitation to connect to your natural breathing. It makes all the difference to become aware of your breathing as opposed to just letting it happen automatically. The moment we take control of our breathing we take control of our lives. It is huge - it is powerful! Breath is not only oxygen to keep our cells nourished and our bodies going, each and every breath brings in fresh life energy on a much more subtle level.
Using our life energy consciously and wisely is decisive for the quality and length of our lives.

The moment we take control of our breathing we take control of our lives. It is huge - it is powerful!

Lets start today with bringing our attention to our exhale. The exhalation is more important than the inhalation, because it has a profound cleansing effect for body and mind. With the exhale we cleanse our body from carbon dioxide, toxins, waste products and tension - and make room for fresh life energy to enter with the next inhale. With savouring each inhalation as a moment of life that is gifted to us, bringing in fresh oxygen and fresh life energy, we can relax, we feel nourished, nurtured, we can feel alive! It is precious - cherish it. Then let go with the exhale of whatever is not needed anymore and doesn't serve you well - carbon dioxide, toxins, tension.

Focusing on your breathing with such appreciation and gratitude for being alive is profoundly calming and will bring you peace. You are fully present in the here and now with conscious breathing, time doesn't matter as it passes - what a relief - you are owning your breath!

And as long as you keep yourself in charge like this, nobody can steal your peace. With practice it will enter your daily life - no matter what you do - it will always be with you and a new quality of life will start to emerge.


Please take 10 deep, slow, long, smooth and even breath - breathing in relaxation, breathing out tension.


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