Yoga for the Mind: May you be at peace…

May your heart remain open

The Art of Rest & Relaxation - Week 1

May you be at peace. May your heart remain open. May you awaken to the light of your own true nature. May you be healed. May you be a source of healing for all beings.  Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

Hope the New Year has started smooth & relaxed for you... In any case you will have the chance to immerse yourself into the art of rest & relaxation in our casual classes of term 1. We will explore the benefits of 'rest & relaxation' and learn techniques to apply more of it in daily life, which hopefully will make the rest of 2020 as enjoyable as possible.

The Benefits of Rest & Relaxation

Rest & Relaxation provide renewal for body, mind, and spirit. rest & relaxation, especially in the form of a good night's sleep boosts our immune system and improves memory.

Rest & Relaxation reduce stress and improve your overall health.

Rest & Relaxation give your body time to repair, heal and rejuvenate, they activate regeneration and stimulate our self-healing capabilities.


Rest & Relaxation turn on our parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn increases metabolism and improves digestion, and thus helps to loose weight naturally and effortlessly.

Rest & Relaxation improve your mood, enhance your creativity, and let you enjoy life more fully.

Rest & Relaxation make us feel good, happy and content, they prepare the ground for a positive attitude and build resilience to face challenges more gracefully.

Rest & Relaxation recharge your energy potential and improve productivity, fueling your performance when needed.

Rest & Relaxation allow for contemplation and can help to change your perspective and your ability to view obstacles as opportunities.

Rest & Relaxation provides time and stillness to connect with our inner self, our intuition and makes us receptive for inspiration, thus it can help with making problem solving and innovation easy.

Rest & Relaxation improve our ability to focus and concentrate, and make better choices.

Rest & Relaxation are the prerequisite to find inner peace, balance and harmony in life.

Rest & Relaxation provides time and stillness to connect with our inner self, our intuition and makes us receptive for inspiration.

This week we are focusing on the 'May you be at peace' part of the Tibetan Buddhist Prayer mentioned above.

Rest & relaxation help to develop inner peace and they go hand in hand - to be able to be at peace also is essential for proper rest & relaxation - and not only for that, inner peace is essential for so much more - our choices, our decision making, our approach to almost everything in life.

Being at peace seems to be the prerequisite for all the other things mentioned in the prayer.

If we are at peace, our hearts remain open - if we are at peace, we have a great chance to awaken to our own true nature - if we are at peace, we can be healed - if we are at peace, we might become a source of healing for all beings.

What a wonderful world can unfold just by being at peace... and it starts with each and everyone of us!

Please take some deep, slow, long, smooth and even breath while contemplating what inner peace means for you.




Image on right:  Pavel Malyshev,


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