Yoga for the Mind: Where attention goes, energy flows

...or the other way round

Exploring Energy - Week 2

Makia ke ali'i, ehuehu ka ukali -  Energy flows where attention goes   Hawaiian Proverb

Let's take some really simple everyday examples for that: Let's say you have decided to buy a new car and thought you've chosen one which not everyone is driving, but out of a sudden you start seeing that car everywhere. Or...for example your best friend or sister or daughter just revealed to you that she is pregnant or you have just found out about your own pregnancy - and out of a sudden you start seeing pregnant women everywhere...I am sure everyone has experienced something similar at some stage.

When we look at this version of the saying 'Where attention goes, energy flows' it emphasizes our own input to make this happen: First we direct our attention deliberately to something, then energy flows into that direction automatically. Like the commonly known saying 'Be careful what you wish for, you might get it' or as Benjamin Franklin said 'You can do anything you set your mind to.' They all point in the same direction.

It seems to come as a surprise at first sight, but it is just the natural consequence of what your attention has made a priority or favors to focus on at present. So if we utilize this law of attraction deliberately and change our world of thoughts, feelings, words, attention, and action deliberately we become a magnet for the flow of energy matching these...

Makia ke ali'i, ehuehu ka ukali - Energy flows where attention goes.   Hawaiian Proverb

Looking at our saying the other way round, like it is said in the Hawaiian proverb 'Energy flows where attention goes' - it emphasizes the energy flow following the direction of attention - it emphasizes the natural power of the 'tidal wave'-like behaviour of energy.

The law of attraction works in the same way. As they say 'The law of attraction is ALWAYS working, whether you believe it is nor not.' And when you decide to start observing this for yourself - from a neutral perspective, so to speak, like a witness to what is happening - in this world, in the lives of other people, in your own life and start to connect the dots between attention and energy and what is happening, it can be a profound eye-opener!

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