Yoga for the Mind: A Seed grows…

This is the power of silence

Feeling Centered - Week 3

Creation is quiet - grow silently
In week 1 of our 'Feeling centered' theme we explored the foundation for becoming centered, and how to feel grounded, stable, and strong: You are well anchored within yourself, you are in touch with yourself, drawing on your stability within while not allowing outer circumstances to dictate your state of being and blow you around like a fallen leaf in the wind.

An important prerequisite for building inner strength and stability is relaxation, of course. Without the ability to relax all those other qualities get easily out of reach. In a relaxed state of mind, we have choices, because we are not a slave to automatic reactions to whatever is happening around us.

In a state of being, which allows us to focus on our choices, we are calm and in control of our mind. In such a state the world is your oyster and you can do anything you want to do. At this point, silence comes into play. Silence creates space - space for intuition and inspiration to feed you with the best possible ideas in a given moment. Without silence they cannot be heard, they cannot be utilized.

The power of silence offers you guidance and quietly whispers what is best next. It is this beautiful inner knowing which creates clarity beyond rational comprehension. Just don't second guess - it can ruin everything. That is your ego wanting to get back into control - get aware of its attempts to take over. The ego causes noise, confusion, destruction. It is actually easy to catch your ego doing so, because it can't help itself and always has to throw some tantrums.

Push that reset button for re-centering yourself! Focus solely on your breath for a while and enjoy the healing silence it brings to your whole being.

How do we create silence in our busy lives? Breathe, and create a break from whatever your mind is occupied with. You could focus on a mantra for a while until you got your calm back. What else would work for you? Going for a walk around the block? Or set yourself up for a day of self-control giving yourself permission to lie in in the morning for another 5, 10, 15 minutes or so - it's one of the most creative times in the day allowing your intuition to receive ideas and solutions and get clarity about your priorities. Another way to create silence is to set aside 10 or 15 minutes each day for some stillness in meditation. Recreating that intuitive openness we naturally have in the morning right after waking up. A mantra can be a very helpful tool to silence our chatter brain. Repeating a mantra can help to clear and redirect thoughts, energy, vibrations. And, of course, focussing on our breath is always available and always working - we don't need words or thoughts for that. Just focusing on our breath is all we need.

Here is an invitation to take 10 deep slow long smooth breath - it will push that reset button for re-centering yourself! Focus solely on your breath and enjoy the healing silence it brings to your whole being.


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