Yoga for the Mind: I am grounded, I am centered

Grounded, centered, and strong

Feeling Centered - Week 1

Why feeling centered is so paramount. What happens when you feel centered? It is the opposite of feeling frazzled or scattered. Feeling centered means you are in touch with yourself, you are grounded, stable, and strong. This makes us feel safe as well.

With good grounding we can protect ourselves from being overly influenced by the outside world - when we are safe and well-anchored within ourselves it doesn't really matter much what is going on around us - it cannot get to us!

There is no stable center without balance though. Balance is essential to build a strong center and maintain it too. For everyone, the ingredients to create an optimal balance for themselves may be different.

We need to search carefully for what it is that we need to create our very own delicate balance for strong, stable, and well-grounded centeredness.


Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.

Jana Kingsford

Focusing on our breath is always available to us and always working - we don't need words or thoughts for that. Just focusing on our breath is all we need!

How do we ground and center ourselves? First and foremost with our breath! Keeping connected to our breathing, controlling our breath means we can in any moment redirect our awareness to actively centering, calming, grounding ourselves.

A second powerful tool to ground ourselves is to use a mantra in order to reassure ourselves with directing our thoughts and ideally our words to the desired outcome - - I am grounded, I am centered, and I am strong - using our voice, letting our ears hear the words is double as powerful as just thinking about it! I am grounded, I am centered, and I am strong.

What do we need to be able to do this? We need to be relaxed - a prerequisite to invite in all the other good things which make us feel centered. There is no way of living life with being grounding, centered, and strong when we are stressing around with words, actions, emotions. How do we reset ourselves for another chance to get relaxed & centered? 10 deep slow long breath will do to turn it all around and push the reset button!


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