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Welcome to a safe space to explore & create your well-feeling! Our holistic intuitive style is Hatha Yoga based, but open to influences and inspirations across the huge range of styles and variations Yoga has on offer today. While guiding you along the way we provide freedom for creating your own personal approach for your Yoga practice, which also aims at the overall traditional goal of Yoga practice: Freedom for body, mind and spirit! - The ultimate yoga experience. Come and visit our yoga studio today!

Using our intuition with Yoga can greatly help us learn how to listen to our bodies and how to gently adjust postures to our individual needs. This will enhance your overall well-feeling, and support you to create a practice that becomes uniquely your own.

Yoga and Intuition will encourage you always to find your own rhythm and go at your own pace, hold any postures only as long as it feels right for you and rest any time you like.

Our Christchurch yoga classes are for beginners and intermediate level Yogis and get adjusted continuously to match as best as possible what you need. The style is intuitive and gentle with a challenging edge for healthy expansion. We put a lot of emphasis on making the practice comfortable and enjoyable for you! The sessions usually start with a sequence of 'Yoga for the mind' and also provide a guided deep relaxation at the end of each class.

Our bodies are our gardens -
our wills are our gardeners.



I enjoy yoga, it is very good for me and Maja's style suits me well. To be honest, I am not really the type to do something like yoga and especially to stick with it, so I'm pleasantly surprised with myself!

Jill Plunket

Have been going to yoga with Maja for a few months now and can say unequivocally, it is the best yoga style I have ever done. Maja is positive encouraging and incredibly kind and patient. I have achieved more in these months than in all the years going to Yoga before I started Maja's classes. I would thoroughly recommend her! Namaste.

Penny McCambridge

From the very first class of the beginners course I have enjoyed Maja’s enthusiasm, patience, and love of Yoga. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Maja is an excellent teacher. It is definitely one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever felt.

Claudia Engelmann

In the past I have approached yoga a bit like medicine - something I needed to take but not really enjoyable. However, this all changed when I joined Maja's classes. Maja uses an intuitive yoga approach and I loved it. I came each week for my body to be healed, to mediate, to find a calm place, and to be nurtured. At last, I have found a teacher for me.

Cynthia Roberts

I love Maja's beginners yoga class. Maja always makes me feel capable and encourages me to listen to my body and adapt the moves to my ability level whilst still challenging myself. She is an excellent teacher that I would recommend to anybody!

Karen from Sydenham

I love Maja’s classes. They are small enough that Maya gives everyone individual assistance when required. She helps us to understand the yoga poses and principles. She has a very calming voice. I look forward to my yoga with Maja.

Colleen Wadley

Loving yoga with Maja after starting a year ago. I am particularly enjoying the stretching and strengthening that come with the different postures.  Maia is great with her encouragement and correcting which keeps me trying out new postures every week.

Linda W (Sumner)


Find Joy and Well-Feeling!



Each term we work on a theme. This is like a course, usually over a period of 9 weeks depending on the school terms (there are no classes during the school holidays), and you are welcome to join our yoga studio any time. The classes are suitable for beginners and all levels and are always adjusted to who is attending.

  • Themed classes 'Yoga for the Mind'
  • 'Try Yoga' Easy Stretching
  • CHAIR Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga 'Mini-Retreat'

Please check availability on our calendar or find out more about whats on at our yoga studio


The NEW BEGINNERS Yoga Courses

A great start for your Yoga journey! This 9-Week-Program introduces you to the eight-fold Yogic path and offers you 'all you need to know' about Yoga in a holistic way to set you up for a great start.

With time, space and individual attention (max 8 participants) the course provides an optimal learning experience.

The beginner yoga course comes with a comprehensive printout as an option. Please book your space in our class now!


Yoga Workshops - Discover New Ways

Every few months I am offering a yoga workshop of 3 hours on a Sunday morning:

All workshops come with a comprehensive printout as an option.  Find out more!




THEME BASED Yoga Courses - Learn & Grow

The theme-based yoga courses offer introductions to The 5 Tibetan Rites and Chakra Balancing, or in-depth study of selected Yoga Asanas (postures) including all the benefits and cautions as well as the mythology behind the posture, if available.

All courses come with a comprehensive printout as an option.  Find out more!


ONE ON ONE Private Yoga, The Ultimate Treat

A 1-on-1 session is an individually tailored boost for a good start to your Yoga practice, or helping you to gain insights into your personal needs and how they can be met. It also is a chance to get to know your teacher a bit better and decide whether it is a good fit. It is the ideal way of easing into a Yoga practice when you are a first-timer, it can be optimal support for your personal practice, or supportive for your fitness or recovery journey.

1-on-1 is how Yoga was taught traditionally. Since people are all different, a class environment always is a compromise. 1-on-1 is most effective because it is customised guidance for the best individually tailored experience.

There is a free 1-on-1 single class session of 30 mins available for all students new to my classes. Book your spot!


MEDITATION & Restorative Yoga

Yoga is a perfect preparation for meditation and on Sundays we offer a restorative Yoga class at 4pm (75 mins). The restorative Yoga session is like your Sunday Mini-Retreat!

   Read more  BOOK now

Meditation starts at 5.30 pm and students are free to come & go as you please and you can choose for how long you like to stay for meditation, exercise self-care and make your attendance fit your needs. Group meditation is a wonderful way to support each other and create a beautiful energy together.  Find out more!



Imagine being supported by your own Health Coach with a holistic program for body, mind and spirit! This naturally creates more energy, leads to a discovery of your personal power and enables a new sense of well-feeling and purpose. My 90-Day Habit Transformation Program is a boost for your personal renewal.  Find out more!


RELAX & RETREAT - Relax, Reset, Create

Welcome to the ultimate relaxation retreat! Treat yourself to some nourishing time-out, refresh and re-balance yourself in our Heavenly Spot hill retreat, sometimes even above the clouds. Reset your pace of life with finding new enjoyment in the present moment. The retreats are ideal for re-orientation, gaining clarity, and setting new goals for yourself. One-on-one Yoga sessions, self-realization tools, guided meditation, deep relaxation, and beautiful food. (Sorry - not available at present until further notice).   Find out more!

Reserve your 30 minute free one-on-one session!

YogaIntuition is nourishment for mind, body and soul.

We offer the opportunity to connect the dots and to fill the void our western lifestyle produces mentally, physically and spiritually. We think too much and can’t find calm, we eat too much and still feel empty, we experience busy lives but no fulfillment - anchor yourself in a new way with our wholistic Yoga practice, using your intuition for fulfilling self-care.

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